10 Worst Sentences That Were Said on the First Date

Being on a first date, people sometimes juggle with words to say and feel awkward in the moment, leading them to commit worst sentences on the date blunders that disappoint their date. There are worst sentences to avoid in your first date, and a few are highlighted here. Now if you don’t want to commit mistakes, you might want to learn how to improve your structure of sentence.

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How to Improve Your Sentence Structure

  • Understand the possible problems so that you will be able to recognize them – in order to write and speak effective sentences.
  • Know what clauses are. They make up sentences. One is defined as a group of words that contain both a subject and a verb. But then, one can be dependent or independent.
  • An independent clause has a subject and a verb. Thus, it can stand independently as a sentence. This clause is the exact opposite of the dependent clause that cannot be independent although it has a subject and a verb. Usually, a dependent clause is introduced by a subordinating conjunction, such as “that, who, which, while, if, although….”

What Are the Types of Sentences?


It is composed of the main clause – or the independent clause. One is completed with at least a subject and a verb.

  • The girl bought new clothes.
  • The mother and son went to the church.


This sentence contains two independent or main clauses, which are connected by a coordinating conjunction, including but, so, for, yet… Each of the clauses is independent because it has a subject and a verb, meaning they can be separated and formed into two simple sentences.

  • The girl bought new clothes, but she forgot buying a pair of shoes.
  • The mother and son went to the church, and they watched a movie after.


It has one independent clause, and then at least one subordinate clause.

  • While the girl is singing, she’s feeling shy of the huge crowd.


It’s made up of at least two main clauses and at least one dependent or subordinate clause.

  • While Mike loves singing, he didn’t want singing in front of a crowd, and he refused joining the choir.

Worst Sentences Said on the First Date

  • I thought you looked different. You seemed pretty on your profile picture.
  • Just wished I could give you the moon and stars.
  • I think your blue nails are off – they made you look silly on that checkered dress.

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