21 Homographs That’ll Make Friends Use Sentence Fixer

sentence fixerA sentence fixer does wonder when it comes to ensuring that your paper is free from annoying grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. With it, students and professionals can depend on an automatic tool that can eliminate any mistakes that will ruin their paper or presentation. Because it is powerful enough to detect mistakes, some people also use it to fix homograph problems. There’s also one useful tool you may need while working on your paper – paraphrase maker.

Below, we’ve presented 21 that will make you and your friends use this grammar checker.

Fix My Sentence Online Free: 21 Homographs

  1. Ben was too close to the window to close it.
  2. Mother said that I should polish the Polish chair daily.
  3. For the object in question, I did not object.
  4. The present is the perfect time to present a present to a friend.
  5. My dog’s lead was said to be dangerous because it has lead component.
  6. Our vegetable farm was asked to produce fresh and organic produce for our community.
  7. It was too bad that the insurance was invalid for the invalid.
  8. Both the sewer and the seamstress fell into a sewer pipeline.
  9. She had to hide the rabbit’s hide before her friend arrives for dinner.
  10. You can see a row of men being taught on how to row correctly.
  11. There was a strong wind to wind our sail.
  12. There was a tear in the painting she made, so she shed a tear.
  13. In the desert, he had to desert his platoon.
  14. The subject was put on a subject of tests.
  15. According to the term stated on the contract, I should not contract an illness in the first month.
  16. It was obvious that the buck does were rather thrilled to see the does around.
  17. It was full so it had to refuse extra refuse.
  18. For help to plant the seeds, he taught the sow to sow.
  19. The minute hole in the new fence took me a minute to find it.
  20. I resume working on my resume after a month.
  21. I think I am content with the outcome and flow of this content.

These are homographs examples. As you see, they have the same spelling, but they don’t mean the same when used in a sentence together. One can be a noun, the other a verb. That is why you have to make yourself familiar with these homographs. It will help a lot if you would practice your English daily, as well as widen your vocabulary. Also, you may want to practice with some online quizzes that have to do with homographs. If you would, you’d be able to detect if you’re using them correctly in your sentences.

Fix My Sentence Online Free

For more help, you can practice grammar using a fix my sentence online free tool It has the features that can automatically detect mistakes in your sentences. However, you don’t rely on it 100%; rather, you still have to reread and double-check your work because it might not totally check if the words are spelled correctly in your sentences. On the other hand, you can check out more powerful checkers out there and make use of one to spot and correct all types of sentence mistakes you have committed.

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