7 Steps in Complete Sentence Check

sentence checkWith sentence check tool, it will correct all types of your mistakes, but it is better to know the common mistakes that are made in sentences. Knowing it will help you a lot so that you can avoid it the next time you need to write your work.

Common Mistakes Made in Sentences

  1. Spelling mistakes: There will be lots of spelling mistakes that will occur if incorrect homophones are being used in the sentence. Homophones are words having same pronunciation like rite, write and right. For example, spell check will not sea words that are being miss used because it is spelled rite. The word “sea” must be “see”. The word “miss used” should be “misused” and the word “rite” must be “right”.
  2. Run-on sentences: Coordinating conjunction will connect 2 clauses. If you forgot to place a comma before the conjunction, then it will become a run-on sentence. For example, his dog barks at mailman but his lazy to chase him. Before the conjunction “but”, you need to place a comma.
  3. Sentence fragments: Sentence fragment is about a sentence that missed a subject or verb. To avoid a fragment, you need to add subject or a verb to it because it is needed.
  4. No comma after the introductory phrase: The introductory phrase gives background details and followed by the comma. On the other hand, the comma will be optional if the phrase is short. For example; While a commercial played on TV he was at kitchen eating for his lunch. The correct phrase must add a comma after the word “TV”. Here it is; While a commercial played on TV, he was at kitchen eating for his lunch.
  5. Wordiness: The sentence will become wordy if it will use more words than what is needed in conveying the meaning. The fact is that wordiness will make the writing not clear. For example; Manny ended up walking all the way home because of the fact that he missed the last bus leaving North Station. The solution for this is to replace it with single word. You need to get rid of all the words having same meaning. You need to get rid of the weak words like sort of and basically. It is important to remove all nonessential details. The correct phrase must be “Manny walked home because he missed the last bus.
  6. Comma splicing: The comma splice will occur if you use the comma in connecting 2 clauses that must be sentences on their own. For example, she bought clothes, her dad bought a towel. To avoid comma splicing, you need to add a coordinating conjunction after the comma. You can also change the comma to a semicolon, period or colon. The correct sentence must be “she bought clothes, and her dad bought a towel OR she bought clothes. Her dad bought a towel.
  7. Comma misuse: Compound subject uses conjunction in connecting more than 1 noun phrase. For example, my classmate, and her sister, went to mall. The correct sentence should be “my classmate and her sister went to mall.

There you have the common mistakes that students commit and if you want to avoid it, you can use sentence corrector. The checker can still help you in eliminating your mistakes.

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