Correct Sentence Structure English. Really Helpful Tips!

It takes constant practice to be great in something because greatness is not built and made overnight. It entails more than that. The same could be said in acquiring skills in English. It requires effort, time and patience. It needs practice and more practice.

If you want to be creating sentences that are structured well, then you will have to learn and practice what you learn. Here are some reminders you need to be aware of!

English Sentence Structure Rules

The English language is one that is very dynamic. This means that its rules changes over time. What is wrong before may be right tomorrow and whatever is considered grammatically right today may be considered obsolete in the future. Despite this fact, it still is needed to know the basic English sentence structure rules.

Consider these three points:

  1. A sentence makes sense and can stand on its own.


The cheese is delicious.

This is an example of a sentence. You do not have to explain it. It is understandable because it can stand on its own.

  1. Use the correct punctuation marks.

The punctuations will tell you where your sentence begins and where it ends. It will also tell you the correct stress, intonations and modulations. In making a sentence, you must start with a capital letter and end with a period.

  1. Sentence must have a verb and a subject.

It would not be a sentence without either one of these two. The subject is the one doing the action in the sentence while the verb is the action being done.


John Smith is sleeping.

In this sentence, John Smith is your subject and sleeping is you verb.

English Sentence Structure Exercises

Exercise your mind and apply your learning. The English sentence structure exercises will be helpful and so does sentence structure test to retain your learning. According to studies, when you apply what you learn, you will remember at least 80% of it. If you take tests, do some exercises about sentence structure – you will be able to hone your knowledge. Read and study more tips and examples of sentence structure for improvement today!

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