How Often You Do Sentence Grammar Check?

sentence grammar checkHave you ever wondered how often do people use tool for sentence grammar check? In today’s digital world, everything seems to be fast-paced, even grammar and spelling. In fact, many people may have the same thought because of the word ‘digital’ with the characteristic that something ‘can be done fast.’ And that said means people seem to be doing things so fast that they do not anymore give proper time in checking any possible mistakes or typos in their papers, social media posts and other written works. So, “Are people now less aware or perhaps less concern on how they write in English?” Here are some statistics.

Grammar Mistakes: Statistics

  • 39% percent commit simple spelling mistakes
  • 5% use sentence fragments not considering the completeness of thought
  • 10% forgets to add a comma before a conjunction like or, but, or, so…
  • 3% writes omitting verbs in their sentences
  • 2% commits wordiness in writing or using more words, not concise language
  • According to a survey conducted by the AKA Internet Marketing, 31% of the people surveyed reveal that they do not always check their English grammar and spelling on the web.

More Evidence: People Could Really Use Sentence Checker Free

According to People2People, only about 44% of job seekers who were surveyed revealed that they keep their social media profiles updated; 48% reported that they do not ever consider updating their info or they just do not care.

So, how often do social media users check their spelling and grammar?

  • 69% revealed that they always do.
  • 24% said that they sometimes do.
  • 6% said that they never do.

On social media, you could have seen or may be still seeing those posts, which show how blatantly people are disregarding proper grammar and spelling. Without them noticing or may be realizing is that potential employers now screen their applicants through these social networking sites. While no one can be said as called ‘perfect’ in terms of grammar, we all should at least try. Put some thought into writing and check for mistakes. Any published posts online can reflect on how someone takes pride in his or her work, unless he or she does not really care.

Common Mistakes in Writing

  1. The dreaded ‘they’re vs. there vs. their’: Yes. they may sound the same in a way or another, but they mean differently. “They’re” is a contraction of “they are”; “their” is a possessive, which means that an object or something belongs to a group. On the other hand, “there” is pointing to a place.
  2. Your vs. You’re: They also mean differently. “Your” is “owning” something; you’re means you are being something.
  3. Its vs. It’s: This is often a subject of confusion, even for native speakers. Its is actually a possessive; it’s- a contraction of it is. To avoid confusion while you are still unfamiliar or maybe practicing, you may want to use the longer form ‘it is,’ not the contraction ‘it’s’ in your sentence.

These are only three examples of common English mistakes, but actually the list is never ending. But if you would like to avoid committing these errors, use a grammar checker more often.

The sentence checker free tool can help you eliminate mistakes in writing as well as practice your writing skills. Also, you may want to be more aware before hitting the send button in your email, social media account or blog and to check your work for errors.

Use the sentence grammar check today!