How to Make the Structure of Sentence Flawless

Flawless is hard to achieve but is does not mean that we must stop trying to achieve it. In structuring sentences, flawless is not much like a rocket science especially if you have enough faculties to do it. This entails good knowledge in sentence structures and the rules that govern it.

What Is the Structure of Sentence?

Before knowing the structure of sentence, you must first know what a sentence is. A sentence is a group of words that are joined together. Remember, not all words that are grouped together can be considered sentences. For them to be called such these words must make sense, it must suggest a complete thought. Sentences can have one independent clause or more clauses. These clauses have three basic parts.

Three Basic Parts of a Sentence

The parts of a sentence are as follows:

  1. Subject

  2. Verb

  3. Predicate

A sentence must contain all these three. The subject is the doer and the one talked about in the sentence. The verb is the action and the predicate describes what the subject is doing in the sentence. There are ways that you can use these three parts in a sentence and that is where structure comes in.

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Examples of Sentence Structure

There are four types of examples of sentence structure. They are the following:

In this article, we will focus on Compound and Complex Sentences.

  1. Simple Sentences

  2. Compound Sentences

When you say compound sentences, it means that there are two independent clauses in one sentence and they are being joined by punctuation or a conjunction.


I love reading books and I love writing essays.

I love reading books is one independent clause and I love writing is another dependent clause.

  1. Complex Sentences

For complex, it must contain one independent clause and then at least one dependent clause.


I love reading novels while making notes to myself.

I love reading novels is an independent clause and making notes to myself is a dependent clause, meaning that it cannot stand alone.

  1. Compound – Complex Sentences

It is not hard to remember how to make a good sentence structure. It is not hard to make a flawless sentence. Just remember that it lies in knowing the basics. Learning sentence structure is not that hard.

There you have some of the tips to learn in order to improve your sentence structure. Check out more tips from the experts soon!