How to Make Your Syntax Sentence Structure Perfect

You have probably heard the word syntax before. It might have been mentioned in one of your English classes. Simply saying, syntax is a sentence structure. In order for the sentences to make sense, there are certain structures to be followed.

How to Do Syntax Sentence Structure

How then can we make sure that what we say actually follow the proper syntax sentence structure? Accordingly, we have an innate knowledge of sentence structure. This means that we have prior knowledge what word goes in which order for your sentence to make sense. But this little knowledge is not enough to make us great, here are some helpful tips to correct sentence structure syntax.

  1. No to run–on sentences!

Run – on sentences are those that have two independent clauses, which are fused together without the use of proper conjunctions or punctuations.



John went swimming the other day, he was so tired and slept the whole afternoon.


John went swimming the other day. He was so tired and slept the whole afternoon.

Instead of fusing the two independent clauses in one sentence, you can actually make it as another sentence by making use of a period.

  1. Avoid sentence fragments.

Another thing to remember to more understandable sentence structure syntax is to avoid sentence fragments. This happens when the sentence does not make sense.



John went swimming enjoying.


John went swimming and enjoying every minute of it.

The first sentence is just a fragment, just a part of a real sentence.

  1. Parallel sentences matters!

This would mean that there is uniformity in your sentences. For example, if you use two adjectives in one part of your sentence, you must keep it and be consistent with the use of two adjectives.



John is loving and Sam cares a lot.


John is loving and Sam is caring.

Instead of using cares a lot, you use caring so that your sentence is uniform and parallel.

It is important that you have sentence structure correction most especially if you are doing formal writings. You can ask your teachers for your sentence structure correction so that your point will be understood well by people.

And if you need to understand how to teach sentence structure or improve sentence structure, we can help you with that.

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