How to Structure a Sentence to Make It Stand out

It is hard to stand out when you are competing with billions of people. But it is possible! In the world of English grammar, sentences and the likes – how can you stand out? How can you make your sentences better than the guy next to you?

Learning Sentence Structure

There are tips that can help you in being better with your sentences. It lies in learning sentence structure properly and knowing the basics. Going back to the basics, we must know what a sentence is and its parts are.

Sentence normally has three parts: verb, subject and predicate.

  1. Verb – is the action word.

  2. Subject – is the doer of the action.

  3. Predicate – what the subject did or have done.

After knowing all these three and mastering them, you are now ready to structure your sentences.

How to Structure a Sentence

To know how to structure a sentence is to know where the verb, the subject and predicate go. A sentence contains these three and they are categorized into for types.

  1. Simple sentence – subject + verb + predicate = one independent clause

i.e. John went swimming in the pool.

b. Compound Sentence – Simply saying, a compound sentence contains two simple sentences that are joined by a punctuation or a conjunction (and, also, but etcetera).

i.e. Roland is alone but he is happy.

c. Complex Sentence – it contains one independent clause and at least one dependent clause.

i.e. I eat food and drinks water in the glass.

The Road to Improving Your Sentence Structure

The last step in making your sentence matter and stand out from the others by improving your sentence structure. The first way to do it is by keeping tabs of your sentences. This means that you check them if they make sense or you let other people who are good in sentence structure check it for you. Another best thing you can do is to practice because as has been said, practice makes perfect. Remember that just because you put the words together does not mean that they would already make sense.  Feel free to ask for our assistance with sentence structure correction.

Use these tips and improve your sentences!