Is This a Run on Sentence Checker?

Is this a run on sentence checker? There are gazillions of grammar rules on the web that you can check out and it is important to know about it. If you want to know about Basic English grammar rules, this page will he your help to learn many things.

Is This a Run in Sentence Checker: Grammar Rules?

Some of the important and basic English rules for grammar are also about sentence structure. Here are some of the rules.

  • A singular subject must need to have a singular predicate.
  • A sentence must need to express complete thought.
  • Clauses, such as sentence, must need to have subject and a predicate. For group of words that do not have subject and a predicate, then it’s a phrase.
  • If it can stand alone as well as have complete thought, it is independent and called as sentences.
  • For sentences who don’t express complete thought, then it is called as dependent clauses.

Subject and Predicate:

  • A subject is the start of sentence, the animal, person, thing
  • The predicate is about action that subject is telling or taking.

Basic Parts of Speech:

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The time you have general ideas on the grammar rules for the sentence structures, learning also about the parts of speech is important.

  • A noun can be plural, show possession or singular.
  • The pronoun is word that takes place of noun, such as “you”, “they” or “I”.
  • The verb shows action and it can be a helping or main verb, such as “has” or “were”. Also, verb indicates tense and it can change the form in showing past, present or future tense.
  • The adjective modifies pronoun or noun. It will add meaning by telling which one, how much, or what kind.
  • The adverb modify verb as well as tell more, such as when, how much, why, how and where.
  • The preposition will show the relationship between pronouns and nouns. It is used with noun in showing location, such as “in”, on” or “beside”. It also shows direction, time, manner, motion, possession or reason.
  • Conjunctions connect 2 words, clauses, phrases or common ones, such as “and”, “or” or “but.


  • All sentences should begin with upper case or capital letter.
  • Titles of books, people, movies, magazines and more should be capitalized.
  • Each sentence need punctuation mark at end of it. It can be exclamation mark, question mark or period.
  • Colons are being used in separating sentence from list of the items.
  • Semicolons are being used in taking place of the conjunction and it is placed before the introductory words such as “however” or “therefore”.
  • Parenthesis encloses things wherein it clarifies as well as encloses letters and numbers that part of the list.

There you have the grammar English rules that you need to know. If you want to use is this sentence correct checker, then it is up to you. Just do not forget that you also need to learn by yourself and not to just rely on the available tool on the web. Start to do your task now!

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