Professional Run On Sentence Checker

What Is a Run on Sentence Corrector?

A runrun on sentence checker online on sentence corrector is one in which two or more sentences are joined together without punctuation or conjunction. Sentences are separate if they have different subjects and actions. For example; “my spelling is terrible the dissertation will be rejected” is a run on sentence; we are talking about me and my spelling than about my dissertation and it being rejected; two subjects and two actions with nothing to separate them.

This could be corrected by placing a comma in the middle; “my spelling is terrible, the dissertation will be rejected” but that is a “comma splice’ and is considered by some to be wrong also. A more correct form would be “my spelling is terrible therefore the dissertation will be rejected” or even “my spelling is terrible; the dissertation will be rejected.” Learn more about nursing capstone, check it here. A run on sentence does not have to be a lengthy sentence; the one used above has only 9 words; in fact a sentence can be as long as you would like as long as you can join it in the correct form to keep it flowing; after all how long is this sentence and how many joins does it contain?

Preventing Run on Sentences

check my sentenceNow my word processor has seen each and every version that I have above and has highlighted none of them as being grammatically incorrect, however, if my word processor was my old professor from when I did my degree it would have rapped my knuckles and told me to correct my work! I need a run on sentence checker that is as efficient as my old professor rather than what this one can do, after all, if I were writing a dissertation now I would hope that my sentence grammar checker would highlight the problem so that I could correct it before I submitted my dissertation. There is free run on sentence checkers available on the internet that you could use. You can use some paragraph corrector, sentence checks online tool or any sentence fixer.

Using a Run on Sentence Checker

run on sentence checkersentencechecker.info have a free run on sentence corrector that you can use that will highlight this problem as well as any other spelling or grammatical error that may be present within your work. You will find that if you place you work that has been passed as ok by your word processor within the text box and ask it to check for you it will find run on sentences and other problems that your processor just cannot recognize, but somehow aged professors can spot from 60 paces with blindfolds.

Run on sentence checker for the high quality of your paper!