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Do you produce professional documents as part of your work? Or are you a student about to embark on your dissertation? Alternatively you may be a blogger who wants to make an impact in the world of blogging. Whoever you are you must be aware of the need to ensure that your English use in the form of spelling, grammar and sentence structure has to be perfect to succeed in what you are doing. After all you are reading this!

Documents that contain poor spelling and other problems speak volumes about the person that produced them; the person does not pay attention to details and does not believe that they should bother spending the time to correct the document as it is not important enough. At least that is what most readers will think when they read poor work, after all with today’s technology it is harder to let spelling mistakes through than to find them; with all those red underlines you are almost pushed into correcting everything, and with a sentence checker online, free to use there is no excuse.

Keeping your writing on track

But that may be oversimplifying the problem a little, if like me you write a lot you tend to make many errors, my typing speed is often faster than I am thinking and I will often find myself changing track half way through a sentence. I also tend to miss keys a lot; after all I was never trained to use a keyboard. The end result of this is that I have to spend time reviewing my work when I have finished. My word processor helps a lot by highlighting what it believes to be spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. However many of the spelling mistakes in some of my fields are not mistakes, they just don’t exist in the processors dictionary, and as to the check sentence structure; well sometimes I have no clue as to what it is trying to tell me!

I also find that it just completely fails to find many of my mistakes, sometimes I spell a word as another similar word or I use the wrong tense and this I can only find by proof reading my work very carefully.

I have gone back to some of my work that was published years ago and I will find mistakes that I failed to find then.

Now I can’t afford to employ a proof reader so I have looked for a free online sentence checker.

Using a sentence checker online free

sentencechecker.infooffer a free sentence checker online, a simple to use yet highly capable tool that I have found to be truly helpful. I have found that it not only has a dictionary that covers the words I use for my work but it can also check grammar in a far more helpful way than my word processor. So if you need a correct sentence checker, free of charge then this is the one that I would recommend. Just post your text in the box and you can use the sentence checker free online.