Proper Grammar Checker – Main Features

proper grammar checkerIt is true that proper grammar checker has limitations, but using it gives help in some circumstances. For students who want to learn English as their second language can use the tool because it helps in spotting mistakes.

Requirements for Checker to Be Proper

  • Word prediction: For proper sentence checker, it must have word prediction. It must gives the user or suggest the user the next word they need to type.
  • Easy to use: Not everyone is good in computer that is why it is better if the checker has simple interface that can be accessed and used by anyone. It is good to use a tool that it is easy to follow and not complicated.
  • Grammar checker: You will have complete confidence if the tool is one of the leading proofreaders online because it will help you in checking or reviewing your text for grammar, punctuation and spelling issues.
  • Sentence rephraser: If you need some help to be inspired, a proper checker must have sentence rephraser. With it, it gives you many chances in exploring different ways in phrasing your text with the available suggestions that convey the message that you want with more style and clarity.
  • Translator: Not everyone understands English that is why it is better if the tool has a good translator. Users will not have a hard time or a problem with it if it’s quickly translating text and it is available between 10 to 30 languages.
  • Dictionary: There are instances that the users will forget what words to use, but if the checker has dictionary, you can able to get instant contextual synonyms and instant definitions. It will be your help to look for words that are perfect for your text.
  • Context based checker: For it to be considered proper checker, it should have context based feature which means the time you run your text in the tool, it corrects words according to the context and suit to the sentence. It should not correct the mistakes word by word because it will ruin the meaning and your paper. Take note that word by word checker will not find mistakes, but a tool with context based can able to punctuation and grammar errors and gives you the chance to know your mistakes.
  • Writing tutorials: Not all tools have writing tutorials for people, but it is better if the checker have writing tutorials feature because it will help the users whether it is students or professionals. If you want to learn from your mistakes, use the tool and if you want to learn more, then the writing tutorials will be your help.

It is not easy to choose proper sentence checker that you use because there are numerous of the tools that you check out on the web, but if you check their features and the listed suggested features of a corrector, you will have the best tool. You need to make an effort and invest time in searching so that you find what you are looking for.

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