Proper Sentence Structure Tool

In writing, it is important to know about proper sentence structure to convey your message to readers. If you are having a hard time with it, it is important to know about it. Read this page to help you what you should know.

Sentence Structures

  • Simple sentences: In simple sentence, it contains 1 independent clause and it is a group of words having subject as well as verb expressing complete thought. For example, I drink wine. It is already an independent clause because it has a subject which is the “I” and a verb which is the “drink”. In here, you see that it expresses complete thought. Here is another example of simple sentence; I wash clothes. It is a short sentence, but it already presents a complete thought.
  • Compound sentences: In compound sentences, it contains 2 independent clauses and the clauses are joined by the semicolon or coordinating conjunction. The coordinating conjunction is word that connects phrases, clauses or words together. For example, he cleaned and he cooked. He cleaned is already an independent clause as well as he cooked. In here, the coordination conjunction is “and”. It joins the 2 independent clauses that are why it became a compound sentence. In some cases, it you join 2 independent clauses using a comma, it is known as comma splice and as much as possible, you need to avoid it.
  • Complex sentences: In complex sentences, it contains independent clause and subordinate clause. The subordinate clause is group of words having subject and verb; however, it doesn’t express complete thought. For example, he washed the clothes after he ate lunch. In here, “he washed the clothes” is an independent clause where “after he ate lunch” is dependent adverb clause that modifies the verb “washed”.
  • Compound-complex sentences: In compound and complex sentences, it contains 2 independent clauses and 1 subordinate clause. For expensive, I would have bought the clothes that you want, but it was expensive. In here, “I would have bought the clothes and it was expensive are independent clauses. It is being joined by conjunction “but”. Also, “that you want” is dependent adjective clause that modifies the noun “cheese”. If you’re struggling with creating proper complex sentences, try using original sentence maker.

Using Proper Sentence Structure Checker

proper sentence structure It is not bad to use proper sentence structure checker because it will help you. Just make sure that you choose the best so that it will give the right corrections. Using the best tool will help you a lot and save your time. On the other hand, learning by yourself is also essential that is why you also need to know the four sentence structures that are presented above.

It is not hard to learn if you really want it and you will not have a hard time because you have guidelines to follow. If you know what you should do when it comes to sentence structure, you will avoid mistakes. It is important that you invest your time learning and reading the things you must learn. Do your best and exert effort so that you will be educated.

Learn more about proper sentence structure today!