Teaching Sentence Structure in a Right Way!

Talking is easy and writing is easy as well. Doing both in the right way grammatically though – that is a different story. Talking and writing both has to make sense. How can we do that? We can teach sentence structure! This is where the magic of teaching sentence structure and using it comes in. There are many online tools that can be quite handy during the writing process, like paragraph changer and different grammar correction tool. However, these are still tool that will need that human touch to make the result perfect!

Teaching Sentence Structure

What is a sentence? In the simplest sense, a group of words expresses a complete thought. Without sentence, people would all be talking and writing words that do not make sense. For a sentence to be complete, it must have a subject and a verb. To know the sentence structures, one must first know its four kinds.

This Is How to Teach Sentence Structure

There are four kinds of sentences. They are simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, and compound-complex sentences. If you are a teacher, a student or a friend who wants to learn how to teach sentence structure then you must make the four kinds of sentences your friends.

  1. Simple Sentence

A simple sentence is per se easiest to make. It contains one independent clause. Meaning, it has a subject and a verb and together they create a complete thought.


  • I love books.

“I” is the subject, “love” is the verb. “I love books” = a complete thought.

  1. Compound Sentence

A compound sentence has at least two independent clauses. In other words, a compound sentence is just two simple sentences combined using conjunction.


  • I love books and I read.

I love books is one simple sentence, and it can stand alone. I read is also one simple sentence and it could also stand alone.

  1. Complex Sentence

Complex sentence has one independent clause and one dependent clause.


  • I read books before I sleep.

I read books is an independent clause, it can stand-alone. Before I sleep is a dependent clause, meaning it cannot stand alone and it does not make complete thought.

  1. Compound – Complex Sentence

This means at least two independent clauses and one dependent clause.


I would buy that book you already have but it was out of stock.

Independent Clauses: I would buy that book. It was out of stock.

Dependent Clause: you already have

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Befriend these four and you can teach sentence structure the right way! Check out and feel free going over these tips for perfect English sentence structure today!