Ways to Check a Sentence for Grammar

If you want to check a sentence for grammar, you have come to the right place because here you will find common errors that writers, students and professionals commit in writing. Check out what mistakes to watch out for to ensure that you are doing the right thing before you submit your paper to your teacher or before publishing your study or report.

Tips to Check a Sentence for Grammar: What Mistakes to Look For

  • Misusage of it and its
  • Missing words
  • Comma splice
  • Split infinitive
  • Wrong choice of words
  • Dangling modifiers
  • Redundant wording as saying the same thing over again
  • Misusage of metaphors
  • Disagreement of the subject and the verb, the most common of all mistakes that many people miss on
  • Lack of sentence clarity due to overloading of details or ideas present in one sentence
  • Misusage of commas
  • Wrong switching of tenses
  • Vague pronouns

How the Grammar Structure Checker Can Help

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